Yes! We offer several pick-up/drop-off locations for our Cotswolds Day Tours, and one of these – on request – is the small Cotswolds town of Chipping Campden!

Chipping Campden: a historic Cotswolds ‘wool town’

Pretty Chipping Campden High Street 

Chipping Campden (pronounced: Chipping Cam-den – the ‘p’ is silent!) is a perfect example of a typical Cotswolds market town. Its streets are lined with historic and beautifully ornate Cotswolds stone buildings, many of which were built between the 14th and 17th centuries. Given the small size of Chipping Campden, these grand buildings and churches reflect the wealth of the town in medieval times, when it was an important trading post for valuable Cotswolds wool.  

Today, while it may be a little further off the tourist trail than its more famous Gloucestershire neighbours such as Stow-on-the-Wold or Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Campden remains a thriving small town community that’s well worth a visit. With several accommodation providers, pubs, restaurants, independent shops, galleries, historic buildings and gardens, it makes a great place to stay a night or two.

The entrance to Chipping Campden’s Ernest Wilson Memorial Gardens was not designed for tall people!

If you choose to stay in Chipping Campden, and would like to explore more of the Cotswolds while you’re here, check out our Cotswolds Day Tour! We can pick you up from Chipping Campden

Where will you pick me up?

Chipping Campden is actually the first stop of our Cotswolds Day Tour so, once we have collected all of our other passengers from our other pick-up locations, the Go Cotswolds minibus will arrive at the bus stop on Chipping Campden’s High Street. This is located outside of the library, and adjacent to the Noel Arms Hotel

What time will you pick me up/drop me off? 

For our Cotswolds Day Tours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, we arrive at this bus stop at approximately 10.00am. On Sundays we arrive at the slightly later time of 10.15am. 

Once our other passengers have got off the minibus, we will gather the group together for a short introduction to Chipping Campden and give you one of our personalised town maps. Using these maps, you can explore Chipping Campden at your leisure for approximately 1 hour before making your way back to the High Street bus stop to continue the tour. 

At the end of the tour, we will drop you off at the High Street bus stop by 5.15pm. We can also drop you off at any of our other pick-up/drop-off locations

Where can I stay in Chipping Campden? 

Sadly, this beautiful thatched cottage is a private home – but there are many other lovely places to stay in Chipping Campden!

There are several lovely hotels, guest houses and self-catering cottages in Chipping Campden; we have created a list of all of the lodging within walking distance of our pick-up point, here.

If your accommodation provider is not on this list, it could be a new one we didn’t know about, or it might be located further away from the High Street or even in a different village entirely, so please check before you book – especially if you don’t have your own transport! 

How can I get to Chipping Campden?

There is a bus between Chipping Campden and Stratford-upon-Avon, but apart from that, Chipping Campden is not well connected to public transport routes so if you don’t have your own vehicle, you may need to rely on taxis. More information about joining our Cotswolds Day Tour from Chipping Campden can be found here