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No tours from 18th January to 27th February 2016

There are no Go Cotswolds tours operating between the 18th of January and 27th of February 2016.


We (Lisa and Tom) are heading off on holiday (it’s actually our honeymoon!). This means that Tom will be unable to take visitors on tours of the Cotswolds during this period. We first announced this in our December blog post about tickets for forthcoming tours.

Lisa & I in the Go Cotswolds minibus (the wedding car!) on our wedding day last September.

Lisa, Tom and the Go Cotswolds minibus (the wedding car!) on our wedding day in September 2014.

Why now?

We got married on the 20th of September 2014 and as we were both busy working we did not go on honeymoon at the time.

We have chosen this period as it’s the coldest time of the year in the Cotswolds and it is also the time of year that the least amount of visitors join our tours.

When will the first tour be after you return?

Cotswolds Day Tour – 28th of February 2016.
Brewery and Pub Tour – 5th of March 2016.
Available for private hire/charter tours – from Monday 29th of February.

Will you be responding to enquiries during this period?

Yes. We will have regular access to e-mails and the main Go Cotswolds telephone line during this period. It may take longer than usual for us to respond but we will always endeavour to reply to your message within three days.

Can we reserve seats on forthcoming tours during this period?

Yes. Online sales for all of our tours up to the end of April 2016 will be available to purchase online during this period. Your purchases will be verified and tickets e-mailed to you as soon as possible. We will endeavour to do this within three days. Click on the red Book Now! button at the top of the page to see our schedule and to book tickets for our tours.

If you have any further questions about our tours, would like a quote for private hire or a charter tour or would like further information about the period we are not operating then please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending a message through our contact page, calling 07786 920166 or e-mailing