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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Desolation Island

Which led me to the Kerguelen Islands. Heard of them? No, nor me.

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Street surveying

“The only negative was that it was a struggle to get people to stop!”

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Dreaming about Go Cotswolds

Last weekend was a great weekend. I knew that I’d not only enjoy the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show at Excel but it would stimulate my determination and drive to getting Go Cotswolds up and running even more. It certainly

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The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Review o

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Training for your D1 minibus driver’s licence

As the photo of my beardy grin quite clearly shows in my previous blog post, I was absolutely chuffed to pass my mini bus driving test first time round on Tuesday afternoon. The test was challenging, it lasted about an

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First hurdle err… hurdled! I am now the proud owner of a minibus driving licence. Or a D1 licence as they’re affectionately known at the DVLA. As you can tell from the picture I’m really rather pleased about this.

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Exciting times at the Go Cotswolds HQ today – I received first copy of the Go Cotswolds logo! A good friend of mine is a designer and has been working on it for me. It’s still work in progress but

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