The sun going down on the Rollright Stones yesterday.

The sun going down on the Rollright Stones yesterday.

Yesterday’s tour of the Cotswolds from Stratford-upon-Avon was the first tour on which I’ve had to wear long trousers. Those that know me will realise this is quite a key moment in the year!

I don’t take the transition from summer to winter lightly so I see the first day of trouser wearing as quite symbolic – yesterday was that day. As I wrapped up for the tour it dawned on me that summer is now a happy but distant memory. But, just because it’s not the summer doesn’t mean we stop tours of the Cotswolds. Far from it!

We’re continuing with the same schedule* of tours on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays right up until early January at the very least. In fact, we already have bookings for the shortest day of the year on December the 21st! Click here for details of our scheduled day tours.

The timings of the tour will be slightly different but the places we visit (weather permitting) will remain the same. We’ll let you know at the time of booking what time we will pick you up. We’re also available for private charter tours, private hire and bespoke Cotswolds tours such as the one we did to Bibury and Lacock recently.

For more details on our tours of the Cotswolds from Stratford-upon-Avon then please visit our FAQ page, contact us through the contact form or e-mail/call Tom on or 07786920166.

*There may be isolated days when there is no tour due to personal commitments, but these will be infrequent and we will give you ample notice of these dates!