Have you seen the “Bea Adventurous” blog?

A few weeks ago, travel blogger Bea Meitiner (“Bea Adventurous”) asked us if she could join a Go Cotswolds tour. On her blog, Bea writes a lot about travel in Africa. However, since she lives in Moreton-in-Marsh, she has written a lot of posts about the Cotswolds too.

Bea told us that her followers often ask her for recommendations about tour companies in the Cotswolds. Since she lives just across the street from our pick up and drop off point at Moreton-in-Marsh station, Bea often recommends Go Cotswolds because she sees our minibuses a lot. However, she had no first-hand experience of what our tours are like, so she wanted to change that.

Bea Adventurous with Go Cotswolds

So, one morning in early January, Bea joined our guide Colin, plus other guests, for our Cotswolds in a Day tour. Full disclosure: we gifted the tour to Bea in exchange for a blog post and a few social media posts. She has also embedded a Get Your Guide affiliate link to our tours in the text. So, if you book a tour through her link, she will get a small percentage commission – but at no additional cost to you.

However, we had no input or control over the content of her post. If she hated it, she would say so!

“Tours for people who don’t like tours”

Fortunately for us, Bea didn’t hate the tour – in fact, she absolutely loved it, and her blog post was awesome!

She described all the stops on our Cotswolds in a Day tour really well. But she also really seemed to “get” Go Cotswolds and what we are all about.

Bea admitted that, at first, she wasn’t sure if she would enjoy the tour, especially as she is local and has visited every village on the route multiple times! But, she said, “The drive between Moreton in Marsh and Chipping Campden takes between 10 and 15 minutes, and in that short time, I had learned enough about the Cotswolds to make the tour worthwhile. Everything that came after that was a bonus!”

Quoting our guide Colin, Bea mentioned that “[Go Cotswolds] run tours for people who don’t like tours, those who want to skip the large buses, and who are not keen on following umbrellas.” I’m so pleased she picked up on this. We are definitely NOT one of those tour companies where you end up following the tour guide like lemmings!

In fact, Bea said, “I am so glad I [booked the tour] because it was informative and really good fun. Being a small group tour meant the day still felt very personable, and Colin remembered every single one of our names. It was also lovely that we were given plenty of time to explore that location at every stop.”

Check out the Bea Adventurous post!

So, have you have been thinking about taking a tour with Go Cotswolds? Do you want to know what it will be like? Then head over to the Bea Adventurous blog! Bea’s blog post will give you a brilliant idea of what our Cotswolds in a Day tour is like, and what Go Cotswolds is like as a company too.

You can read the post in full here: https://bea-adventurous.com/cotswolds-tour-go-cotswolds/

*Photos 1, 3 and 4 © Bea Adventurous, used with permission; photo 2 © Go Cotswolds