Broadway Tower Bunker cross section

Cross section of the nuclear bunker (image c/o J.Crofts @ Broadway Tower)

The third stop on our scheduled tours of the Cotswolds from Stratford-upon-Avon is Broadway Tower. It’s one of my personal favourites. As the second highest point in the Cotswolds it’s a fantastic vantage point offering magnificent views out across the Vale of Evesham towards the Malvern Hills (and beyond) to the West and Birmingham to the North.

Of course, in addition to the views, standing 20m tall you also have the imposing Cotswold stone tower and its quirky history.

The stop off as part of the Go Cotswolds schedule tour affords enough time at Broadway Tower to take in the views, for us to tell the story of the tower and, for the adventurous ones, time to head to the viewing deck at the top.

Just beyond the tower itself though is something I’ve been meaning to visit for a while – Broadway Tower nuclear bunker – and in early November last year I had the opportunity to do so.

Sadly, we don’t have enough time on our scheduled tours to visit the bunker. However, it’s something which we highly recommend if you get the chance to visit as it, and its story, is absolutely fascinating! In fact, if you would like to visit on a private tour on a Saturday or on a charter tour as part of a group of 7 or more during the week then this is something that we can arrange on your behalf.

Bunker 1

Our tour group walking over to the bunker from the tower.

Buried 14 feet underground, the nuclear bunker is located approximately 150m North of the tower across a field and is a decommissioned Cold War monitoring post. It’s one of a network of 1,500+ bunkers across the United Kingdom – all now decommissioned – that were manned by the volunteer Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War and were to be used in the event of a nuclear explosion.

You can access the bunker on tours from the tower on weekends and school holidays for the very reasonable sum of £3.50. The tour which includes the history of the Broadway Tower nuclear bunker provided by a guide and a climb down the shaft to the bunker itself lasts around 45 minutes and is well worth doing.

Inside the nuclear bunker.

Inside the nuclear bunker.

For more on Broadway Tower and the Nucelar bunker visit You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  If you’d like to visit Broadway Tower Nuclear bunker with Go Cotswolds as part of on group or on a private tour on a Saturday then please contact us for more information.