Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower

Until relatively recently I’d never actually been up Broadway Tower.

I’ve spent many an hour at Broadway Tower Country Park over the years; as a child and as an adult (it’s a ‘go to’ place I’ve always taken visitors as the views are great) but exploring the confines of the Tower had always passed me by.

Why, I don’t know. Probably something to do with perceived time constraints, the fact that once you’re at the top of Fish Hill the Cotswolds is your oyster (and you want to explore) or the fact that I was too tight to part with my cash. I’m sure most my friends will say the latter.

However, when I visited back in March I finally ventured inside and it was well worth the £4.50 entrance fee.

Each floor has a separate exhibition covering the history of the Tower and the Park over the years from its construction to more recent times.

It’s all set out in a way that means that you don’t necessarily have to read everything – you can get a grasp of the history of the place by picking out the odd bits and pieces here and there.

And it really does have a varied and interesting history.

Then, to top it all off, the views from the roof are quite sensational.

View from the top out towards the town of Broadway.

View from the top out towards the town of Broadway.

On a clear day you can apparently see 15 different counties AND Warwick Castle. Unfortunately it was a little hazy the day I ventured up but the view across the Vale of Evesham and towards the Cotswolds was still very impressive.

As with a number of attractions in the Cotswolds the Tower can be done in a short space of time – you don’t need all day. This is one of the many geniuses of the area as you can take in a variety of different and diverse locations/attractions without breaking the bank or spending a whole day in just one spot.

Which is what I plan to do with Go Cotswolds once we’re up and running in June as the tours will take in a variety of different places throughout the day.