“How far is the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa?”

Want to know how far is the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa? This is a question we get asked a lot – and the answer is: it depends where in the Cotswolds you want to go, and how you’re going to get there!

Royal Leamington Spa

Jephson Gardens in Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa, or “Leam” (pronounced “Lem”) to its friends, is a wonderful Regency town in south Warwickshire. It has great shops, parks, dining options and nightlife. With a vibrant student population and a thriving ex-pat community, it’s one of the most diverse towns in the Shakespeare’s England region. We love it!

If you’ve arrived in Leamington Spa and are wondering how to visit some of the other beautiful places on your doorstep, like the Cotswolds, then stick with us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Ways to get to the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa

By car

To really discover the Cotswolds independently, you're going to need your own wheels

For independent exploration of the Cotswolds, you’re going to need your own wheels. The Cotswolds is a vast rural area covering around 800 square miles, with over 150 small towns and villages to explore.

The north-eastern tip of the Cotswolds is closest to Leamington Spa. Within 25-30 minutes, you’ll find the lesser visited villages of Arlescote, Radway, Ratley and Edgehill. You’ll also find lovely Upton House in this area, which is well worth a visit, especially if you’re a National Trust member.

But to visit many of the best-loved villages of the Cotswolds, you’ll need to drive further afield. Broadway is around 50 minutes from Leamington, Bourton-on-the-Water is approximately 1 hour away, and Bibury around 1 hour 20 minutes away.

By public transport

You can get to the Cotswolds from Leamington by public transport, but prepare well

If you don’t have a car, or don’t want to drive, can you get to the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa by public transport? Yes – but be warned, it’s not straightforward!

Very few towns in the Cotswolds have a train station, so if you want to travel to the Cotswolds by train from Leamington Spa, you’ll need to go via Oxford. It’s around 40 minutes to an hour from Leamington Spa to Oxford, then another 20 minutes to the Cotswolds station of Charlbury, 35 minutes to Kingham, or 45 minutes to Moreton-in-Marsh.

If you choose one of these routes by train, consider how you’re going to get around after that. These are small towns that you can walk around quite quickly, so you could make all that effort just to turn around and go home again. There are a few bus services to other Cotswold villages, but you’ll need to study the timetables carefully – buses are infrequent and do not run late into the evening.

By guided tour

Get to the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa with local guided tour company Go Cotswolds

As a small, local, family run company based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Go Cotswolds has a solution for you! To explore the Cotswolds from Leamington Spa, then on Mondays through Saturdays you can take a train to Stratford-upon-Avon train station, or the X18 bus to Bridge Street in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Then, we will pick you up from right outside the train station/bus stop and take you on a beautiful guided tour of the Cotswolds!

You’ll spend the day with one of our friendly local guides, who will tell you all about the Cotswolds and take you to the best villages in the area. Some of these villages are inaccessible by public transport, so you wouldn’t be able to see them unless you have a car or want to hire an expensive taxi.

On Sundays, we pick up directly from Leamington Spa

Trains and buses are (annoyingly) less frequent on Sundays. But don’t panic! Because it’s not possible to take a train or bus to Stratford-upon-Avon in time for our tours on Sundays, we will come and pick you up right from Leamington Spa train station!

Why won’t you pick us up from Leamington Spa on other days of the week?

We’re not just being awkward – there are two very good reasons!

  1. To reduce pollution by encouraging public transport use
  2. To keep our prices low

We are based in Stratford-on-Avon, to the south-west of Leamington Spa, and continue our journey south west into the Cotswolds. If we offered a pick-up from Leamington Spa every day, it would mean making a big detour in the opposite direction from our destination.

This would have the knock-on effect of increasing our fuel costs and fuel emissions, which we’re obviously keen to avoid.

Since it’s not possible to reach us by public transport from Leamington Spa on a Sunday morning, we are happy to make an exception for one day.

Choose from our three fantastic tours for a day trip to the Cotswolds from Leamington to remember!

We have 3 tours of the Cotswolds to choose from - this picture is from one of our Cotswolds in a Day tours

Start with our Cotswolds in a Day tour to get an overview of the best spots in the Cotswolds. Then, get out of the minibus and off the beaten track with our Cotswolds Trails & Villages tour.

Do you enjoy great food, great drink and the beautiful English countryside? Then take our Brewery, Pub Lunch & The Cotswolds tour. This tour includes a tour of local craft brewery Purity Brewing Co (and tasting, of course!), and you’ll also enjoy lunch at the fabulously historic Fleece Inn. Please note: this tour will restart from 11th September 2021.

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Prefer a private tour or need group transport? We offer private tours as well, but because we have 17-seater minibuses, they’re ideal for larger groups. For private tours, we can pick you up from Leamington Spa or wherever you are based! Check out our private tours and minibus hire options.

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