What is it like to visit the Cotswolds in February?

If you’re planning to visit the UK, or the Cotswolds in February, read our blog post for inspiration!

Although many people like to travel in warmer weather seasons, there are many advantages of winter travel. Perhaps it’s the only time of year you can take a holiday? Perhaps you’re visiting for business, school, or to visit relatives, and want to make the most of your time?

Whatever the reason, Go Cotswolds runs guided tours of the Cotswolds in February. We’re one of the only tour companies open at this time of year, and the ONLY local company to provide small group tours, so come and join us!

We love February travel!

A photo not of the Cotswolds in February! This is from one of our February trips to Monument Valley in the USA.

As the owners of a tour company, we are very busy in the height of summer so we can’t often get away. Business is much quieter in January and February so for several years in a row, we took a vacation.

In previous years we have skied in Austria and Italy, safaried throughout southern Africa, ate our way across India, and road-tripped around the USA (the pic above is of Monument Valley in Utah, from that trip!). When our daughter came along, we continued our winter travels, visiting Spain in  2019 and Cyprus in 2020.

But thanks to “you-know-what”, we were robbed of our winter holiday in 2021. This was extra sad because it was the last one time we could’ve taken a winter holiday before our daughter started school!

So now, long winter holidays are out for us. But, the good news is, we are now here in the UK and able to offer tours of the Cotswolds to all you folks planning a winter trip to the UK!

3 things you need to know about visiting the Cotswolds in February

1. It’s pretty quiet in the Cotswolds in February

Snowshill in the Cotswolds in February

One of the best reasons to visit the Cotswolds in February is because everyone else will be visiting in the summer!

Yes, February in the Cotswolds is one of the least busy times of year for tourists, so you’ll have all those beautiful Cotswold villages more-or-less to yourself! Wander the streets of Bibury alone, pick up a bargain at a Stow-on-the-Wold store without getting into a queue, or admire the countryside at Dover’s Hill without another person spoiling your view.

On Valentine’s Day (February 14th), and the weekends either side of it, the Cotswolds can be a little busier, but it’s certainly not ‘crowded’.

There is a school half-term holiday during February, too. That means, family-friendly attractions like the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, Cotswold Farm Park and Birdland are likely to be busier. But, again, it’s never jam-packed at this time of year.  You might find accommodation is a little more expensive during this particular week though.

All that said, we tend to have good availability for our best-selling Cotswolds in a Day tours in the off-season. So come and join us!

2. It’s cold in the Cotswolds in February

Small groups are friendly for solo travellers visiting the Cotswolds in February

I guess each person’s perception of ‘cold’ is different depending on where you’re from. But what I mean is, February is one of the coldest times of year in the UK. The average temperature in the Cotswolds in February is approximately 2-8°C (around 35-46°F).

If you’re lucky, it might snow – and there is certainly a much greater chance of snow in February than at Christmas-time! (Have I told you before about how I’ve never experienced a White Christmas in England?! It’s true!) But snow in the middle-to-south-west of England is never guaranteed, and is more the exception than the rule!

While it can often be cold, damp and gloomy, the best days in the Cotswolds in February are cold, crisp and clear. The kind of days where your breath freezes and your cheeks are rosy. And the winter sun casts a golden glow over that gorgeous honey-coloured Cotswold stone.

It’s the perfect weather for wrapping up warm and taking a tour of the beautiful Cotswold villages!

3. It gets dark early in the Cotswolds in February

It gets dark earlier in the Cotswolds in February

By February, we are past midwinter and the days are finally starting to get longer. However, February is still relatively dark. There’s an average of just 74 hours of sunshine for the whole month! So, you might want to top up your vitamin D with supplements rather than sunshine!

So when you’re visiting the Cotswolds in February, don’t forget that the days are shorter. We wrap up our Cotswolds tours around 16.30-17.00, when (in winter) it will already be starting to get dark. But, longer nights just give you a great excuse to retire to a cosy pub fireplace with a glass of something warming.

Ready to book your tour of the Cotswolds in February?

Our best-selling Cotswolds in a Day tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout February, with more availability in the spring, summer and autumn months. Private tours for groups of up to 16 people are also available – click here for our ‘off the shelf’ private tours, or here to read about tailor-made day trips!

Just need group transport, without a guide? Then, check out our minibus hire options.

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