On one of our Cotswolds Day Tours recently, we happened to ask a passenger how she had found out about us. We were thrilled to see the answer! 

Unfurling the well-thumbed book in her hand and turning to page 356, we were delighted to read that Go Cotswolds has been recommended by the one and only Rick Steves in his recently revised travel guide to Great Britain! 

Rick Steves

People outside the USA could be forgiven for not knowing who Rick Steves is – but for any American planning a trip to Europe, Mr Steves has been the go-to travel guru for almost 20 years. He’s like an American version of Britain’s Michael Palin or the legendary Alan Whicker.

Rick Steves has been presenting his TV travel show Rick Steves’ Europe since 2000, hosts a regular travel-themed radio show, and has written countless travel guides, which are – in the USA, at least – as popular as our Rough Guides and Lonely Planets. 

Sadly Mr Steves hasn’t been on a Go Cotswolds tour personally (although the offer is open, Mr Steves!), but his well-used website has a very popular forum on which travellers gather to share their travel tips and ask questions of others. We were delighted to learn that Go Cotswolds has been so highly recommended by Steves’ fans that he saw fit to include us in his guidebook. Thanks very much, Rick – and we hope you can join us on a tour soon!