Twickenham Stadium – home of England rugby and the O2 Business Touch Rugby tournament!

Last week I tweeted a couple of pictures from Twickenham rugby stadium as I was there with a group playing touch rugby at the O2 Business touch rugby tournament.

The group – representing the Round Table team at the tournament – had hired me to take them down to Twickenham for the day and, as it was a Thursday, I and the Go Cotswolds minibus were available.

The Go Cotswolds minibus.

The Go Cotswolds minibus.

As a keen rugby fan it also didn’t take much persuading for me to take my kit along too!

It was a fantastic day – the sun shone and having the opportunity to run out on to the pitch at the home of rugby was truly a dream fulfilled. I also got to meet one of my favourite adventurers Monty Halls who happened to be one of our opponents!

The team!

The team!

Our team managed a respectable record of one win, one draw and one defeat but the aim of the day was to raise as much money for charity as possible. This the day achieved as the participating teams raised an impressive £100k+ between them.

We at Go Cotswolds are known for our scheduled tours of the Cotswolds from Stratford-upon-Avon which take place every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday throughout the year. These tours give visitors a snapshot of some of the best bits in the Cotswolds at an affordable price.

Me pictured with Monty Halls - one of my favourite explorers and one of our opponents!

Me pictured with Monty Halls – one of my favourite adventurers and one of our opponents!

However, when we’re not touring the Cotswolds we’re available for private hire for any reason – hence the reason we were able to enjoy a day out at Twickenham and call it a work day!

In addition to private hire work we’re also available for private tours of the Cotswolds for between 1 and 16 passengers. This is something we’re doing more and more of especially now the sun has begun to shine.

So, if you’re interested in hiring a minibus or coming on a private tour of the Cotswolds then please do get in touch!

We’re always happy to provide a completely free no obligation quote and we are also able to design bespoke, private, Cotswolds tours visiting places that aren’t included on our usual scheduled route.