From the start of May our Cotswolds Day Tours will be visiting the famous and beautiful Cotswolds village of Bibury.

Poet William Morris famously claimed that Bibury was “the most beautiful village in England” and, ever since, people have been visiting to see why. And now, Go Cotswolds customers will be able to visit Bibury on a Cotswolds Day Tour with us and decide if William Morris was right in his assessment!

We have scheduled a 20-minute stop in Bibury where our customers will have the opportunity to visit Arlington Row – arguably the most iconic row of cottages in the Cotswolds. Not only will our stop allow the time for photographs in front of the famous cottages but also time for a short stroll alongside the river Colne. You may even be lucky enough to spot a brown trout or two!

Since we began operating our tours in July 2014 we’ve eagerly listened to feedback from customers – both those who join us on a tour and those who decide not to – with the view to improving the customer experience in the future. One of the overwhelming suggestions we’ve received is to include Bibury as part of our Cotswolds Day Tours and this is something we will now be doing, beginning with our tour on Wednesday the 3rd of May.

The Cotswolds has many wonderfully picturesque villages like Bibury and we actually think that the ‘secret’ off-the-beaten-track Cotswolds village we visit earlier in the tour is prettier! Go Cotswolds customers can now decide for themselves as we visit both on the same Cotswolds Day tour!

Tickets for our Cotswolds day tours are available to buy online at and if you’d like any further information about our tours then please get in touch through the contact page.