It’s been an incredibly busy last couple of weeks that have absolutely flown by.

My target of a June start date is still on; a fact that I felt confident enough in to place an advert in the latest Stratford-upon-Avon Essential Guide which was published today! If you see a copy of it around Stratford – do pick it up!

My focus of late has been studying for my Transport Management Certificate of Professional Competence  (CPC) for which I have exams for in the middle of June.

The course has been really interesting but I’ve found it very time consuming and quite taxing.

I have to undertake this as I need a qualified transport manager to operate passenger carrying vehicles under my PSV Operator’s licence. To apply for the licence I had to enlist a consultant (Colin who helped me with my application) to undertake the role but I need to have the qualifications myself as a long term solution.

This is one of the reasons I’ve not blogged recently as I’ve been trying to spend as much time on that as possible.

The “O Licence” application should be approved by mid May which paves the way to acquiring a vehicle and starting the trial runs.

The other thing I’ve been spending most time on recently is the exact route of the tours and the associated “chat” that will go with it.

This has involved reading a lot about the local area and noting down all the facts that – I think – will be of particular interest to visitors to the area.

There’s actually loads of really interesting statistics, social facts and folklore that I’ve found out about and can’t wait to share!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope to blog more over the coming weeks as I have loads to talk about!