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Go Cotswolds – an approved PSV operator!

Operator's licence disc - editGo Cotswolds is now an approved Public Service Vehicle operator. This was the final piece of red tape that we needed to come through before we start running our tours and now we have it!

The disc arrived today (pictured right) which will be displayed in our vehicle at all times whilst in operation. The PSV Operator’s licence allows us to drive for hire and reward effectively approving Go Cotswolds as a commercial operation.

Needless to say – I’m absolutely over the moon about this. The legal bit is now out the way so all I need now is a vehicle!

This should hopefully be a relatively simple process (if a little costly) paving the way for us to be operational in approximately 6-7 weeks time.

Watch this space!

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One comment on “Go Cotswolds – an approved PSV operator!
  1. lisaamartin says:

    They’ve missed out your second middle name! And your name isn’t centred properly. I’d have words with the licensing department if I were you. xx

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