Go CotswoldsIt’s been a week when Go Cotswolds has progressed closer to a start date. That doesn’t mean to say it’ll be soon. However, licence approval permitting, it should hopefully be by the end of June.

Fingers crossed.

I’ve been indebted to a few people in helping me set up the minibus side of things recently.

Firstly, Dudley’s coaches have been fantastic in their advice and guidance and secondly, through one of Dudley’s contacts, I’ve met the Yoda of the transport industry.

He has an infectious enthusiasm and has given a lot of clarity to a heap of transport industry legislation, application forms and redtape. This despite me peppering him with what must seem completely stupid questions!

With his help I should now be able to get one of the key licenses in place that will allow me to operate.

This has given me the confidence to start speaking to advertisers in Stratford, start ordering some essential items and working out the exact details of the tours.

That coupled with studying for a my Transport Manager Qualification and Future Learn courses on branding and Shakespeare will be taken up the brunt of time over the next 6-8 weeks.

Oh.. and finding myself a minibus of course. That might help!