Well.. not quite. It was hardly “Charlie bit my finger” or “Monkey on a pig” but a link to the Go Cotswolds blog got shared 9 times by a few friends of mine on Facebook overnight. Not sure what triggered this but I like it.

The ‘bumper’ volumes of traffic to the blog triggered an e-mail telling me about it so it seemed a fitting time to write a another blog and spread the Go Cotswolds word a little bit more.

To those that haven’t been here before, welcome. The about tab above will tell you about my plans.

Go Cotswolds logo

In other news, as you can see to the right we have a logo. It still needs a little bit of tinkering but it’s 95% there and I’m pretty damn chuffed with it! Let me know what you think. 

I’ve also set up the Twitter feed (@go_cotswolds). Go follow us. And if you’ve come across this through Facebook then please feel free to share the link. 

That’s all for now!