I finally have a date for my mini bus driving test! Exciting times. I’m not actually going to tell you when it is though. Oh no. Call me superstitious but I didn’t tell anyone about my driving test back in 1998 and I passed first time. Here’s hoping that policy works again.

Other things I’ve made progress on are the completion of another part of my business plan and understanding the ins and outs the application for my PSV Operator’s Licence.

It’s interesting that the business I’m setting up will eventually operate in the tourism industry. However,  to get to that market, I’ve essentially got to set up as a mini bus operator first. And with that, of course, come the rules and regulations of the the transport industry.

And rightly so. I fully understand that anything involving roads, public service vehicles & the general public has to be stringently regulated. However, it’s this that’s taking up my time currently as I work out what exactly I need to do (and how much I need to spend!) to become a mini bus operator.

It’s a big undertaking. But I’m getting there just about. I’ve found out that requirements include all manner of stuff such as company policies, rules regulations, health & safety documents et al!

As I said when I started this blog a week or so ago. It’s all starting to get a bit serious. And although the rules & regs is quite a laborious part I know that the exciting bit is to come.  Bring it on.

[heads immediately back to another 70+ page Department for Transport regulation pdf]