Getting soaked due to the ferocity of Victoria Falls last year.

I’ve not written a post about travelling for a while.

In fact I think the last one was about the island of Kerguelen which was about travelling but not about my own personal travels.

But whilst downloading pictures from my camera recently I remembered that I’d left some pictures on the memory card from travelling in Southern Africa last year and it prompted me to write a post.

There are 17 pictures I leave on there as a permanent reminder of travelling. They sum up the Africa trip I took with Lisa last year.

They’re not necessarily the best pictures I/we took whilst away but they’re pictures that trigger memories and sum up a variety of different aspects of the times you have travelling.

They make me laugh, smile and yearn to be back travelling again at some point in the future. Which is the exact reason I left them on there! A constant reminder to do it again.

Something that – injury or illness permitting – no doubt I will.

I’ve put them in a gallery album below with a brief summation of where they were and why I like them.

Hope you like them too.