Go CotswoldsOver the course of the next few days/weeks I’ll be doing some considerable meddling with regards to web stuff. This is all stuff I don’t really understand but it mainly involves the hosting of this blog, the website (coming soon) and the Go Cotswolds e-mail.

As such if you e-mail my Go Cotswolds e-mail address (tom@gocotswolds.co.uk) it may – at times – bounce back to you. If this does happen then please e-mail me on tom.benjamin104@gmail.com instead.

Also, if you currently use the domain www.gocotswolds.co.uk to access the blog (or go-cotswolds.co.uk, go-cotswold.co.uk, gocotswold.co.uk, thecotswoldsadventure.co.uk for that matter) then it may not direct you here. However, the WordPress blog at http://gocotswolds.wordpress.com will always be live and accessible.

Unless I do something really wrong!

I’m very much looking forward to setting up a website ‘proper’ up but I have a feeling getting all the nuts and bolts part of it set up to begin with is going to fry my brain. But I’m determined to do it on my own. Watch this space.