Last weekend was a great weekend. I knew that I’d not only enjoy the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show at Excel but it would stimulate my determination and drive to getting Go Cotswolds up and running even more. It certainly has done.

The show was further aided by spending time with funny, supportive and enthusiastic friends all willing to pass on their ideas and advice along the way.

An unexpected by product of the weekend though has been the frequency in my night time dreams about Go Cotswolds. Something I didn’t expect.

Big School @ KES

The room known as “Big School” at KES Grammar in Stratford. Where I learnt latin & sat my GCSEs.

My most recent dreams have involved a prolonged haggling process with a former chemistry teacher to gain access to the oldest parts of King Edward the Sixth Grammar School in Stratford (pictured right) for my customers (a site currently off limits to tourists and, following my protracted discussions, will continue to be so) and a long telephone conversation with a Peruvian man. I don’t speak Spanish so I’m still none the wiser as to what he wanted.

The conversation in a foreign language could be a sign of things to come unfortunately. Go Cotswolds will be English speaking only to begin with as I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t speak any other languages.

However, it’s a long term goal to change this and I still hope to encourage speakers of other languages to come on Go Cotswolds tours by having printed guides for them to use during the day in their respective languages, in addition to different language versions of the website.