I spent last Wednesday on the streets of Stratford-upon-Avon asking locals and tourists alike various questions to do with Go Cotswolds (those that follow the Twitter @Go_Cotswolds or Instagram @Go_Cotswolds feeds would’ve noticed the updates).

It was a good exercise and a great chance to speak to people about Go Cotswolds and hear what they thought.

The feedback was generally positive or at the very least constructive and I certainly came home with more ideas for consideration.

The only negative was that it was a struggle to get people to stop!

As I was enthusiastic about what I was doing I actually had to imagine myself in their shoes to understand their scepticism. I suppose a cheery hello from a man with a clipboard on a street corner usually means they’re trying to sell something.

But alas once people realised that I wasn’t selling broadband or asking them to sign their lives away they were generally happy to talk for a few minutes.  For which I was very grateful. But I had to be patient.

I wasn’t convinced the information I received was as broad as I wanted though so I’m planning to put the survey online as well as this will enable locals – not in a rush to get to Greggs or back to work – time to fill it out.

I’ll add a link on here and on the Facebook & Twitter pages once I’ve mastered Google  Forms again.