First passengers aboard our new minibus!

In this next post in our “FAQs” series, Lisa explains some important recent updates to the Go Cotswolds terms and conditions. 

As you may have seen, Go Cotswolds recently purchased a new minibus. While this is very exciting news in itself, perhaps the best thing about it is that we now have luggage space! 

Since our older vehicle had no additional space for luggage, it sometimes led to tricky situations. We were always happy to try and find a solution (by storing bags on unsold seats, or at the left luggage facility in Moreton-in-Marsh, for example), but it wasn’t ideal. On a few occasions, we had to turn down customers who wanted to bring lots of bags as there simply wasn’t room.

Boot space galore!

Happily, as well as an overhead shelf for storing smaller bags, coats and small personal items, our new minibus has a HUGE boot (trunk) so we can fit several large suitcases in the back without having to take up seat space. 

Bring your bags and make the most of your day

This is great news for our passengers who are checking out of their hotel (perhaps in London or Oxford) in the morning. You can now bring your luggage, join our tour, and then we can drop you and your bags off at your next hotel within our drop-off zones, or at one of our train station drop-off points.

It also means we can carry things like foldable wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and buggies if required. Although our new minibus is not wheelchair accessible, if you use a manual, foldable wheelchair for assistance, and are able to get out of your chair to get on and off the minibus, then we can now easily carry your wheelchair for you. Likewise, although we do not particularly recommend our tours for very small children, if you wish to bring a foldable buggy or stroller with you, then now you can. 


If you would like to bring your luggage with you on a Go Cotswolds tour, we just ask that you let us know at the time of booking. Our terms and conditions and FAQs page have now been updated.