As followers of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles may already know, we recently shared some very exciting news: we have a new minibus!

Well, she’s not brand new, but she’s a much needed upgrade on our current vehicle. 

Roxy the Mercedes Sprinter

As the first two letters of the number plate are “RX”, we’ve named her “Roxy” – she’s a snazzy Mercedes Sprinter custom-built touring minibus with swish leather seats, window blinds and more head and leg room to make the travelling parts of your Go Cotswolds tours even more comfortable. 

Cool as a cucumber

There are two other important features to tell you about. Firstly, as well as looking super-cool, Roxy IS super-cool as she has air conditioning! Although we rarely need to use air conditioning in the UK, there were a few occasions during last summer’s heatwave when its absence was certainly noted! Air conditioning will also help us to avoid steamy windows when it rains.

Bring your bags!

The second feature is the most exciting of all (well we think so!): Roxy has a HUGE boot (that’s the trunk to our North American friends)! Our old bus had no luggage space at all, so we either weren’t able to carry large bags, or we had to use any spare seats to carry them. Now we don’t need to worry about that at all! There is also a luggage shelf above your head, which is perfect for storing your handbags and coats to keep them off the floor. 

The extra luggage space is great news for our customers; for example, if you’re checking out of your hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon in the morning, but the train to your next destination doesn’t leave until the evening, we can pick you and your bags up from your hotel, then drop you at the train station at the end of the tour! No need to faff about with left luggage facilities, and you can make the most of a travel day! We’ll be updating our website information and FAQs accordingly, very soon. 

Increased capacity

All (well, both!) of our vehicles undergo monthly performance maintenance inspections, yearly MOT tests and regular servicing, so our “old” minibus Emma-Jane is not being retired just yet! While Roxy will become our main tour vehicle, Emma-Jane will still be used for some private hire jobs, and she’ll be a back-up vehicle if (heavens forbid!) anything should happen to Roxy. We may even be able to provide extra tours – watch this space!

Official launch coming soon

We’ll let you into a secret…Roxy actually made her Go Cotswolds debut on a private tour yesterday, and some of our Cotswolds Day Tour customers will get to enjoy her spaciousness and comfort over the next few weeks, although there are still a few things we need to do to get her out on the road regularly. At the moment, she’s still a plain white bus, but we will be getting her into her Go Cotswolds “uniform”, like her older sister, and giving her an official launch very soon!