As one of the few Cotswolds towns with a train station, Moreton-in-Marsh makes an ideal base for a short break or even a day trip in the Cotswolds!

In this post, Lisa explains that you can join one of our Cotswolds Day Tours by meeting us at Moreton-in-Marsh. 

Moreton-in-Marsh: gateway to the Cotswolds

Moreton-in-Marsh High Street. Photo: Robyn Cox, Flickr (CCBYSA2.0)

The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is known for its beautiful countryside, rural charm, and – of course – those gorgeous little Cotswolds stone-built villages. One thing it is not well known for, however, is its public transport!

Fortunately, the small market town of Moreton-in-Marsh is one of the few Cotswolds towns with a train station, and its direct rail link to London and Oxford makes it the ideal gateway to the Cotswolds for day-trippers and those looking for a short Cotswolds break. 

Once you’re in Moreton-in-Marsh, there are a few other places you can get to by train or by public bus, but for a full day tour of seven beautiful locations – some of which are difficult to get to without your own transport – why not spend the day with a friendly local and join us on a Go Cotswolds Day Tour

Full details about our Cotswolds Day Tours can be found here and tickets can be purchased here.  

Where is the pick-up point in Moreton-in-Marsh?

Hugh Llewelyn, Flickr (CCBYSA2.0)

Whether you are staying in Moreton-in-Marsh or arriving there by private or public transport on the morning of the tour, the pick-up location for our Cotswolds Day Tour is at Moreton-in-Marsh train station.

After picking up our other passengers from Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon, the Go Cotswolds minibus will arrive in the car park in front of the ticket office building. We usually arrive a few minutes before the tour departure time we will give you in your confirmation email. 

Where will you drop me off at the end of the tour? 

At the end of the tour, we will drop you off at Moreton-in-Marsh station, usually by 5.00pm.

Alternatively, we can drop you off at one of our other free drop-off spots: Chipping Campden High Street, Leamington Spa rail station, Stratford-upon-Avon rail station, or any accommodation provider in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Staying in Moreton-in-Marsh?

The Bell Inn, Moreton-in-Marsh – other accommodation providers are available! Photo: Tony Hisgett, Flickr (CCBY2.0)

There are several excellent accommodation providers in Moreton-in-Marsh (for a full list, click here), as well as some good shopping, eating and sightseeing opportunities, so it’s great place to stay for a night or two! 

We will pick you up for your Cotswolds Day Tour from Moreton-in-Marsh rail station. 

Can’t you pick me up from my hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh?  

Because Moreton-in-Marsh is such a small town, and to operate our tours in the most time-efficient way, we only offer a pick-up from the train station. Also, some of the hotels have very limited or no parking, so we are not able to stop our minibus right outside. 

The good news is that all of the accommodation providers we have listed under Moreton-in-Marsh are within 10 minutes’ walking distance of the train station. The train station is well signposted and easy to find, but if you’re stuck, just ask the staff at your hotel for directions (or good old Google Maps!).