If you have any questions about what we do then please just ask. We’re very friendly!

On Monday we wrote a blog post about the fact that it was our 1st anniversary of being on Twitter* (Happy Twitter birthday to us). This was a rather tongue in cheek way of highlighting how different things were 12 months ago and also pointing everyone to our social media streams.

We hope that you took the opportunity to follow us!

As we said in that post we love social media as it gives us an informal way of interacting with past and future customers as well as connecting with local businesses that we share similar ground with.

Part of this is because we want to be as approachable as possible not only through social media but via e-mail and on the phone as well.

We want you to know as much as we do about what we do and how we operate. As such, we will offer as much information about us and our tours as possible – if you have any questions and you can’t find the answer on our website then or you have any requests then please just ask!

Our aim is and always has been to offer a regular affordable day tour of the Cotswolds on set days of the week that will allow visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon – and the rest Shakespeare’s England – the opportunity to visit another significant and beautiful part of England whilst they’re here.

This, we hope, will also encourage visitors to stay in the area for longer.

The regular scheduled tours are something that we will continue to operate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays throughout the year. Unless we’re fully booked or it’s one of the rare occasions we’re away or unavailable, these tours will take place irrespective of whether there’s one Go Cotswolder or sixteen!

As expected this time of the year is a little quiet on the tours front but we’re gearing up for what we hope to be a busy summer. In fact, the bookings are already coming in with some future tours already booked out!

All the dates that we’re touring will be put up on the bookings page of our website with tickets on sale at least 10 weeks prior to the tour date. We currently have tickets for our tours on sale up to the end of April. Our bookings page can be found here If you’d like to book a tour that’s further ahead than 10 weeks then just send us an e-mail and we can reserve a seat for you.

On the occasions we’re fully booked or the rare occasions we’re not touring – we will clearly state this on the bookings page too.

When this does happen, and where possible, we will always endeavour to add additional tours so that if you are visiting Stratford-upon-Avon or Shakespeare’s England, you should always get the opportunity to come out and see the Cotswolds with us!

So if you’re interested in using Go Cotswolds and you can’t find the information out on our website then please do just get in touch! Scheduled tours, charter tour or private hire we always aim to reply to you within 24 hours.

Go Cotswolds contact details

Phone: 07786920166


*I’ve just been informed via Kezia @RiversidePole that this is called a Twitterversary!