Looking for a private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham for a larger group?

If you’re thinking of booking a private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham with a larger group of family family or friends, you might be disappointed to find that most tour guides and tour companies use standard sized cars, or 8-seater people-carriers at best. If you have upwards of 6 or 7 people in your group, you might struggle to find a company that can meet your needs and allow everyone to travel together.

But Go Cotswolds, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, is one of the only tour companies in the area licensed to operate minibuses with more than 8 passenger seats. Therefore, our minibuses can accommodate larger-than-average-sized groups of up to 16 passengers.

We can also offer private tours for groups of more than 16 people by hiring a coach and providing you with one of our expert guides.

Read on to find out how you can take a Cotswolds tour from Birmingham – for all your friends and family!

Option 1: Take a ‘ready-made’ private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham

This family enjoyed a family day out in the Cotswolds

We’ve launched ‘ready-made’ private tours that are instantly bookable on our website! Based on our best-selling ‘Cotswolds in a Day’ small group tours (more about these below!), our private Cotswolds in a Day tours can be booked just for you and your group.

Offering a little more flexibility than our mixed group tours, you won’t have to share your tour with anyone you don’t know.

And the best news is, we can come and pick you up from and drop you off in Birmingham!

This private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham costs a flat fee of £950. But, since we have 17-seater minibuses, that price is for up to 16 people (we need to save one seat for the driver-guide, of course!). Why not get a group of family or friends together and make some new memories?

As Birmingham is a big city, we’ll pick you up from anywhere within Birmingham postcodes B1 to B19 for this price. If you’re located further away, then either travel to a destination within our pick-up radius, or we can pick you up from outside this radius for an additional fee.

Option 2: Take a ‘tailor made’ private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham

We do, of course, also offer tailor-made private Cotswolds tours, and for these we can also pick you up directly from Birmingham.

If you don’t fancy our ready-made private tour itinerary, we can work with you to create a completely custom tour. See the places you want to see, do the things you want to do, and take your own time.

Our private tours are best for larger groups of up to 16 people. So check us out if a private Cotswolds tour in a smaller car wouldn’t work.

If you have an even bigger group of more than 16 people, no problem! We have a great relationship with another family-run, Cotswolds-based coach company, so we can hire bigger vehicles and provide you with one of our expert local guides.

Option 3: Take the train to join a small-group Cotswolds tour

Enjoying a National Lottery Days Out in the Cotswolds tour

Travelling alone, in a couple, or in a smaller group of family or friends? Then our private tours might not be so cost-effective. But don’t worry! Try our award-winning small-group tours of the Cotswolds instead. These start from just £53.80 per person (£47.70 for children; 2023 prices), and are shared with other people.

For these tours, we cannot pick you up from Birmingham. However, simply hop on a train at Birmingham Moor Street or Birmingham Snow Hill, and ride to Stratford-upon-Avon. Our pick up point is just a 5-10 minute walk away!

The pick up point is located at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Coach Terminal, on Windsor Street. Click here for walking directions from the station: https://goo.gl/maps/7ZQK6kD51Mmj549y5

At the end of the tour, we’ll drop you off back at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Coach Terminal. But why not make a mini-break of it and stay at one of Stratford’s fantastic hotels or guest houses? There are many lovely hotels and accommodation providers in Stratford!

Ready to book your private Cotswolds tour from Birmingham?

Click here for ready-made private tours, or contact us to discuss a tailor-made private tour.

Click here to book our small-group Cotswolds in a Day tour.

Just need group transport, without a guide? Then, check out our minibus hire options.

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