You know you’re a small family business when…

…you get so caught up with last-minute Christmas shopping and spending time with your family at Christmas that you completely forget to update your website/blog/social media pages! So sorry! 

We are now on our winter break

Our last Cotswolds Day Tour of 2019 took place on Friday 20th December with 9 lovely people from the UK, Canada, China, Thailand and the USA!

Contrary to popular belief, and despite what they show in the movies, it rarely snows in the UK at this time of year, so unfortunately our guests had to contend with rather cold but decidedly wet weather – nevertheless I think they all had a great time, and our Go Cotswolds umbrellas certainly came in useful! 

Our last tour of the year was on Sunday 22nd December, with a private tour of people from London. Since then, and until February, we’ve been on our winter break. 

Out of office – back on 23rd February!

Team Benjamin on our winter break in Spain last year

We’re so busy with Go Cotswolds during the British summer that we rarely get to take a summer holiday. So, since there are far fewer tourists in our area during the winter months, as a small family business, we take the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations and then take a family holiday in January.

This year, we are off to Cyprus! We’re SOOO looking forward to some time out, and we will update you on our travels when we’re back! 

During our break we will, of course, respond to email enquiries and verify ticket sales, but it may take us a little longer than usual – we hope you understand! Our next tour will be on Sunday 23rd February 2020. Tickets for all Cotswolds Day Tours are on sale now, and can be purchased here:

Planning for 2020

We also use the time to carry out essential maintenance work on our vehicles, and make preparations for the year ahead. We have some exciting changes to announce in 2020, not least that we will be running our Cotswolds Day Tours FIVE days a week between May and September!

Between February and April, and October and December, our Cotswolds Day Tours will still operate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. But in the peak season, the additional Thursday and Saturday tours will, we hope, mean that fewer people are disappointed by being able to book one of our popular day trips!

We are also training up a couple of new guides who – all being well – will be joining the Go Cotswolds team in the new year. The new recruits are already fantastic tour guides, but they need to acquire the qualifications and licences required to drive our minibuses. We’re looking forward to introducing them to you very soon! 

All-new Brewery & Cotswolds Pub Tour coming soon…

We are also in the midst of revamping our Brewery & Cotswolds Pub Tours. We had hoped to get these new-and-improved tours up for sale before Christmas but we haven’t quite been able to manage it….

However, while we are still finalising some changes to the route and format of these tours, we can exclusively reveal that, as of March 2020, these tours will now run WEEKLY instead of monthly! We hope this will mean that more people will be able to join these tours. There will also be some exciting changes to the route!

Tickets for 2020 will be on sale very soon! In the meantime, why not grab yourself a gift voucher? The forthcoming changes to the tour route and schedule means that we will be putting the price of this tour up in 2020 – but if you buy a gift voucher for the 2019 price now, we will honour it against any tour in 2020. 

And finally…

A belated “Merry Christmas” to all customers past and future, and Happy New Year for 2020! It’s going to be an exciting one for Go Cotswolds, and we’re really looking forward to meeting all our guests!