Lisa and I spent Friday evening combining two of our favourite things – craft beer and food – with two of our favourite local companies as we headed to Seven Mile Supper club at Purity Brewing.

It was our first experience of a supper club – the definition of which is a pop-up restaurant in a venue you wouldn’t expect – and we, along with approximately 25 other diners, were certainly not disappointed!

Lisa & I enjoying our first (and hopefully not last!) supper club at Purity Brewery on Friday night.

Through our Purity Brewery and Cotswolds pub tours we’re very familiar with Purity Brewing but on Friday we had a completely different experience there. With the iconic Seven Mile horsebox-cum-kitchen a hive of activity in the courtyard outside, the bar area (usually used for tasting on the Brewery Tours) was transformed into a cosy and intimate dining room.

The food and evening was absolutely fantastic. Seven Mile chef Jake Mitchell really is a culinary genius. All the evening’s food, of which there was plenty, was matched perfectly with Purity’s fine range of craft beers. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what we had!

We were also treated to a bit of background about the brewery by Purity Brewing’s front of house manager John who also explained what flavours to expect when tasting the beers with each different course.

It was a great experience that we thoroughly enjoyed and we were accompanied by a mix of groups, couples and individuals all of whom were made to feel very welcome by both John and the Seven Mile team. If only every evening after a Cotswolds Day Tour was like this!

Be sure to follow Seven Mile’s website and social media feeds for information about the next supper club as, like this one, I’m sure it will sell out quickly.

Seven Mile –
Purity Brewering –

So, what did we eat?

Fish and chips. Strips of turbot in a Lawless batter with a pea puree and shoe string fries.
Matched with Lawless lager.

Lobster rillettes. Fresh Lobster with a dill and horseradish cream cheese served in charred chicory leaves.
Matched with Pure Gold.

Braised hare. Slow cooked in Ubu until tender and served with crusty bread.
Matched with Pure UBU.

Pheasant terrine. Pulled pheasant, mixed with chives and spring onion. Set in butter with a plum chutney.
Matched with Longhorn IPA.

Individual roast partridge. A whole partridge on a bed of roast parsnips and salsify.  Served with celeriac and Maris Piper Dauphinoise.
Matched with Mad Goose.

Passion fruit posset. A creamy, zesty, and indulgently sweet posset served with a winter berry and Maravilla sour compote.
Matched with Maravilla Sour.